Trattoria Ubud Review

Trattoria Restaurant Ubud

Trattoria is an Italian restaurant chain that has 16 branches mostly in South East Asia. They must be doing something right to have so many successful stores. Lucky for us, one is just down the road from our house.

On arrival you will be served bruschetta and 3 different types of bread, all complimentary! Got to love some free food!

The  menu has a large selection of good pizza options. The pizza are a traditional Italian style with a thin base, but large enough to still be filling. They do some extra-large (some may say giant in fact) pizzas with half and half, if you can get the right match these are a winner.

Two in one

Trattoria Restaurant Ubud

The baked eggplant Parmigiana stack, was super tasty but a little oily, and very filling. It was best shared as a side with some pizza.

Trattoria Restaurant Ubud

Of course they do pasta too, which is very authentic and tasty.

Trattoria Restaurant Ubud

We also had breakfast here one day, but it was unfortunately not very good. They served the overcooked eggs with thin white loaf bread, that just crumbled on the plate.

Trattoria Restaurant Ubud

An omelette

Trattoria Restaurant Ubud

It is a fairly kid friendly place because, firstly most kids love pizza. But also because the plain brown paper place-mats are perfect drawing pads for the creative munchkins, not sure if that is the intention however it works for us! Buon Appetito.

Trattoria Restaurant Ubud

Warung Saya, Ubud

Warung Saya

Warung Saya on Jl Goutama in Ubud is one of our favourite places to eat. It is tiny and exclusive little venue nestled between a villa (and currently a construction site). There are only two tables, possibly three, but only if it’s not raining. It is highly recommend that you book, as this place is booked up for at least a week in advance. It is that good.

The menu varies each night, having different choices each day of the week, but only limited choices. There are only three options each night, one Indonesian, one Indian and one Thai choice. Sometimes one of these is a vegetarian choice but not every night. Of all the meals we have had (2 choices on two different nights), they have been excellent quality meals.Warung Saya

Unfortunately we only have one picture of the dishes, which does not give justice to the place. Pictured is Badal Jaam (Indian) eggplant with tomato, creamy yoghurt, a huge entrée size meal. This had amazing depth of flavour being an Indian style curry.

On this night on the menu was Ayam Kecap (Indonesian) – chicken with soybean sauce, and Gaeag Gari Chicken (Thai) – coconut chicken curry with basil.

The chef is a highly charismatic fellow, with a very relaxed attitude. He cooks for the love of it, and loves what he does. He runs the whole show on his own, as he wants the quality of the food and service to be of his very high standard. Not sure how long he will be in the same location as last time we dined there (November 2014) he was talking about moving to a new place. You will not be disappointed with any meal here!

Jamie’s Italian in Perth Review

Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Perth had been on our wish list for quite a while, and as we walked past one night we decided to see if we could score a table.

It was ‘only’ a 1.5 hour wait. With a very efficient booking system, we visited a nearby pub and waited for their call when a table was ready. Alternatively you can have a drink at the bar within the restaurant.

The place was buzzing, or you could describe it as crowded and noisy. They have certainly maximised their floor space, so we felt quite cramped on our small table for two, squeezed in between two other tables with a very narrow walkway.

The decore was a little eclectic, with a high industrial roof with exposed air-conditioning tunnelling, with an enormous fancy chandelier hanging. The bathrooms were slightly retro with cool coloured tiling.

They have a huge team of greeters and seaters, order takers and food deliverers. They were all very efficient and always polite.

It was an interesting menu, not just the standard Italian items, although they were all still their. Some great salads, a burger, some share ‘planks’ with meat, seafood or vegetarian were some of the more interesting options

First course was crunchy arancini balls. These had a fabulous taste, with garlic, lemon and a touch of chilli, but were super crunchy as though they had spent a little too long in the deep fryer!

Main course of deliciously tender baked salmon, with a crunchy salad and olive oil dressing, and some roast veggies.

The main course of fennel sausage pasta, was a classic Italian tomato based sauce with some sausage meat for flavour. Great al’dente in-house pasta.

The baked cheesecake was a great finish to the meal. It came with a candied orange sauce which was extremely sweet, but none-the-less rather scrumptious!

The price of the meals were surprisingly very reasonable, though it did add up with a bottle of wine, an entrée, two mains and a dessert.

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Dreamy Donuts Cannington Review

Dreamy Donuts is a small coffee and doughnut stall in Westfield Carousel shopping centre in Cannington. We were hanging out for coffee and the kids desperate for a doughnut, and the combo deal of coffee and doughnut appealed to our sense of value.

We hoped to be able to upgrade the coffee and doughnut deal to get a nicer doughnut, but they were not receptive to that at all.

The coffee tasted OK, quite strong, though the cappuccino was seriously lacking in froth.

Dreamy donuts? Sorry but the ones we bought did not taste very fresh. Now that Krispy Kreme are in town, they have some serious competition.

But overall, the greatest disappointment in this place is that they spelled doughnut wrong on their signs.


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Asian Cuisine Restaurant Review

We were looking for a nice good value meal on a Sunday night, and were directed to Collins Street Willeton by a local who said there were a few Chinese restaurants located along there. To our surprise there was a restaurant hub with a packed car park, and lines outside some of the restaurants. We checked out the menus at a few of them, and settled on Asian Cuisine, a interesting choice of name but definitely no confusion about the type of food they serve.

It was the cheapest of the restaurants in the area, but that was not the only reason we chose it. It was also busy and although the menu was not as extensive as others it had a few things that were very appealing to us.

The staff in this small restaurant were very friendly, with many of the other patrons clearly regulars.

Clare had not had many good laksas lately, but had a good feeling she would get a good authentic one here. She was not disappointed, as it was tasty, spicy and packed with seafood and bean sprouts.

Rob was drawn to the section on the menu for claypot meals, and eventually chose the salted fish, chicken and Chinese sausage dish. The description reminded him off a similar dish he had earlier this year in Singapore. He was so eager to dig in he burnt his tongue on the first mouthful of rice. The claypot sure keeps the heat in. There were generous portions of boneless chicken over the top, mixed with small amounts of sausage, and barely recognisable bits of salted fish, adding just the right amount of saltiness. These pots can hold quite a bit of food, and the normally insatiable Rob was unable to finish it all.

If we come back to the area we would definitely check out these restaurants again, and it would be tempting to go back to Asian Cuisine.

Address: 113 Collins Rd Willetton, WA

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Hotel Komune Beach Club, Keramas

Hotel Komune's Beach ClubHotel Komune’s Beach Club provides a Bali experience like no other. The heart of the place is the sensational pool, surrounded in a semi-circle of day beds. You have to get there early or you will miss out as we did, and had to wait for a space to become available. Once you settle in though it’s all luxury. You can swim, order food, drink beers, whatever you like, and for as long as you like.

There is no entry fee (as there is at some other beach side restaurants), however you are not allowed to bring in food or drinks from outside, and there is really nowhere else to go to eat or drink, as it is a fairly isolated spot! So you must eat and drink here.

There is a restaurant you can go to if you want to eat at a table, which has a different menu to the day-beds around the pool which provides mostly bar snack options. We ate at the restaurant – while we were waiting for a day-bed – and the food was top quality. We also enjoyed a beer or two when we were back at the pool!

The roast vegetable salad with feta was delicious, and the dressing to die for.

Hotel Komune's Beach Club

A great quality burger with the best crinkle cut chips I have eaten on the island.

Hotel Komune's Beach ClubEven the toasted ham and cheese sandwich was served with really nice bread and good quality cheese, none of the plastic rubbish you can often get. Hotel Komune's Beach Club…and more chips served with gravy! Yumm.

Hotel Komune's Beach ClubThe Keramas surf break is apparently one of the best on the island, and is a popular spot for surfers and group surfing trips. The beach creates a stunning backdrop for drinks, food, swimming and fun. Even though the surf was rough, the kids still enjoyed playing in the black sand. There is also a large grassy area on the other side of the restaurant, which on the day we were there, had a giant blow-up jumpy castle set up for a kids party! A great space. This was a great day out!

bali beach


Flabird Coffee Shop, Ubud

   Flabird Coffee Shop, UbudA new addition to the Ubud coffee scene is a little café on Jalan Dewi Sita.This quirky and colourful shop have a large range of coffees which they roast and grind themselves. You can buy some to take away or get them to make you a coffee using the drip filter technique.
Flabird Coffee Shop, UbudIncluded in their range is a selection of flavoured coffee, as well as local Luwak.
Flabird Coffee Shop, UbudThey have daily coffee specials for just 10000 Rp, so if you are lucky you can get a cheap cup of quality coffee.
Flabird Coffee Shop, Ubud

Sjaki-Tari-Us in Ubud Review

Sjaki-Tati-Us UbudSjaki-Tari-Us is hidden in the corner of the Ubud soccer field, just along from Tutmak, and the CP Lounge. There is a nice relaxed feel about this rather basic warung, but it has a great view overlooking the soccer field in town.

Sjaki-Tati-Us UbudThe food is not that great, they serve basic Indonesian meals, and some western dishes like sandwiches with a Balinese twist. We feel it is still worthwhile eating here as it supports an education program for mentally disabled children. Next to it there is a small shop selling goods made by the students at the centre.

We had chicken vegetable curry…

Sjaki-Tati-Us Ubudand babi kecap which was a bit soupy …

Sjaki-Tati-Us Ubud

Just next to the eating area there is a large open space which is the school’s activity area where the kids can play, including balls (sometimes) The little ones can also run about on the footy field, while you wait for your food.

Sjaki-Tati-Us Ubud


Murni’s Warung Ubud

Murni's Warung UbudMurni’s claims to be the first ever restaurant in Ubud. It was established in 1974, and is considered an institution, the place to go! It is located just before the bridge on the main road, as you head out of Ubud. As you enter the small underwhelming opening, you quickly realise the fantastic view that is hidden away, and from 4 different levels inside. The place is built on the side of the ravine and you can see the river below from some of the seating areas. One of the levels is a ‘lounge’ with a more relaxed feel. There is free WiFi, of course!

The staff are very friendly and chatty, and there is lots of art work and sculptures around, which links to the shop on the top floor. The shop sells an assortment of nic nacs, and is on both sides of the entrance.

The food we ordered included the Ayam Tutu. A very tasty chicken dish cooked for a long time with Balinese spices,  served with an urab salad and yellow rice on the side.

Murni's Warung Ubud

Murni’s fish with tuorto sauce. This was like a casserole of sorts, with a large fish, some veg and served with rice. GInger was the tasty hit I got straight up, but was also a little sweet and very yummy.

Murni's Warung UbudCame with a pretty rice

Murni's Warung Ubud
Big fat chunky wedges to share!

Murni's Warung Ubud
Pork spare ribs for olive. Quite nice ribs, tender and tasty, even though we asked for the spicy sauce to be in the side.

Murni's Warung Ubud
It also mentions on the menu that the service time may be slow because all the food is cooked fresh from scratch, but the food came out realtively quickly, no complaints from us. A lovely place to eat, even though it has slightly above-average prices, the quality was there.


Kopi on Bisma Review

Kopi on BismaKopi on Bisma is a cosy little café on Jalan Bisma in Ubud. It is located next door to Uma Pizza. We were just after a coffee, and that seems like what most of its business would be. The staff were friendly and polite, and there was no problem explaining that I wanted the coffee to take away. They even provided a nice carry bag.
Kopi on BismaThey had a good range of espresso coffee on the menu, plus desserts including the quality Gaya gelato. There is a villa (Villa on Bisma) behind the café. Our two café lattes were just 25.000 rp each (about $2.50).