Erik’s Cafe Seaside

I stumbled across this cafe on Broadway in Seaside California, looking for a small cafe for a morning coffee. There doesn’t seem to be anything like what I was looking for in this area, so Erik’s will do.

There was no coffee on the menu, and that is because there is only one type, make it yourself. I decided to drink in, so I was given a mug and directed to the self serve counter. The choice was hot water, decaffeinated and dark roast, in a pump action flask.

For $ 1.83, it was not a bad coffee, as good as a filter coffee if I had just gone home instead. But then I would not have done this review, my first in the states.

I did not have any food, though the large selection of sandwiches looked good on the pictures.


Room 4 Dessert Ubud Review

Room 4 DessertRoom 4 Dessert in Ubud is a fabulous transformed warehouse type set up, with cosy bench tables, and seats at the bar so you can watch the staff prepare the food in front of you. A great experience to see the effort that goes into the preparation of the dessert, which is only the half of it I am sure!

There is an amazing selection of desserts, although there are only nine to choose from, they all sound very appealing. Aside from the choice of any single dessert you like, for those who can’t decide, you can order a selection of any 3 choices, or even the whole menu if you are a large group to share it among, or if your feeling indulgent for the works. Our choice was to try 3 and share them between the two of us.


We tried the Chocobubbles, which is described as chocolate mousse with mum’s cookies! This was our absolute favourite with such diverse texture of smooth mousse around the crunchy cookies, and the flavour was amazing. Next was The Sugar Refinery which was different to the description on the menu. The palm sugar meringue was so spectacularly different, plated with all the other sweet textures, beside the tangy mangosteen ice. Last choice was Baba o rhiley, chosen somewhat by name (the author’s maiden name is Reilly!?), consisted of rum soaked brioche, snakefruit ice and cashew nutella, a slightly different and not too sweet dessert, with the lovely combination of nutella and rum brioche. MmmMm. The only problem with all of them, was there could have been more.

The menu changes 2-3 times per year, so you can keep coming back till you’ve tried them all, then there will probably be a whole new menu to select from!

You can get a local Indonesian dish for a main if you want but the dessert is what you come here for. There is a pretty groovy cocktail list as well.

Where? It is located along Jl. Raya Sanggingan (Next to Nuri’s)

DIAN restaurant review

Dian restaurant is located on Jalan Monkey Forest in Ubud. Plenty of room and tables, and reasonably quiet except for the building noise going on nearby (which is a given anywhere in Ubud).

Staff were very friendly and were happy for me to order a coffee and sit to do some work, with no pressure for ordering. The coffee was OK, not fantastic, but at least a cappuccino/expresso style.

In the end I ordered some lunch. I went for the sirloin streak with sprouts and onion, rice and an Asian style marinade.

The meal looked impressive brought out on a sizzling hot plate, the sauce tasted great, but the steak itself was nothing to get excited about. I’m glad I asked for medium, as it came out well done and still cooking! It also looked like someone has severed the middle of it before serving it to me! Not bad for the price I guess.

CarameL Patisserie & Cafe Ubud Review

desert bar

We came to the CarameL Patisserie & Cafe after a meal at a restaurant elsewhere just for dessert. It is at the top end of Jalan Hanoman, and is a tiny but bright shop front, with an upstairs section which expands on the two bar stools down stairs. The display of desserts looks amazing, you can choose, and they deliver to your table.


We can never go past a good-looking chocolate dessert, so for us it was the Triple Chocolate Cake, consisting of layers of decadent cake, dark jelly, ganache and shiny icing. Mouthfuls of deliciousness were had!


The other choice was a Chocolate Dome, which was mousse, salted caramel and a biscuit base with a ganache covering. So amazingly light, but rich and smooth, having an absolutely stunning mouth-feel.

dome cake

For drinks we chose sangria, which was the best I’ve ever tasted, because it had a super spicy, zesty flavour with a licorice/aniseed taste. Delicious sweet fruit bobbed around the ice, with some sort of frozen spicy gelato. Amazing! I would go there again just to drink this sangria.

drink it up

The Spicy Tea was interesting at least, a lovely sup of hot tea, but not as spicy as claimed!

bali tea

Other desserts that missed the opportunity to be devoured by us was a citrus or passion-fruit tart, cheesecake, macaroons, tirimasu, red velvet cake and traditional Balinese layered cake among other things.  We will have to come back for some of those!


Topeng Cafe Review

house of puppetsTopeng Cafe is the small café at the Setia Darma House of Mask and Puppets just a few kms from Ubud in Bali.

After you have checked out the mask museum which is highly recommended, you can stop for a coffee, cold drink or snack in this peaceful café overlooking the museum gardens.

good one clare

The coffee was decent. For some reason the barista used a hand-held milk frother instead of the one attached to the large coffee machine. Olive had a hot chocolate. There was also a selection of cold drinks and a few snack items you could buy.

olive and a hot chocolate


Naughty Nuris Ubud Restaurant Review

smokey naughtysNaughty Nuri’s is a long-term favourite hangout for anyone in the know in Ubud. It is the place to go for BBQ meat. If you drive past you will always see a crowded restaurant with smoke billowing from the barbecue out front.

The go to meal here is the pork ribs. They have a bucket out the front which they pull them from and slap them on the grill. P1180194There are no fancy servings here, just a pile of meat on a plate. Clare needed some veggies, so tried an Indonesian dish which was not to her liking.


The potato wedges were the best we have had in Bali.


The burgers are also poplar here, and once you see them you will know why.

nuri burgerRob was just able to get his mouth around it. There was a nicely cooked hot dog for the kids, but don’t expect any extras. Just a sausage in a bun.


The smoke from the BBQ can be a problem. We were seated towards the back and away from the barbie, no smoke but was hot and stuffy.


You will need a drink, and the beer is apparently served very cold which is what you will need. We were not in the mood for a beer, and a large Bintang was Bali expensive at 44,000 rp ++, so we gave it a miss. Clare had an ice tea which was very sweet.

bali ice tea

The prices are a bit high for what it was, nothing fancy, service without a smile, but the serve sizes were big, and the food tasty. You have to try it at least once. Olive ate up her dinner, which means it must have been good.

Olive feast

There is a copycat restaurant located a few door up, called Nuris, make sure you go to the right one.

Location: Jl. Raya Sangginan, Kedewatan, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 977547

Review of Warung Garasi, Ubud

Warung Garasi is located down a hidden lane off the busy Monkey Forest Road in Ubud. It was built in the former garage of a Balinese family, and they have used that theme to deck out the restaurant in motor decorations.

The restaurant is cheap warung style, but the food quality does not reflect that. I have had a very good Thai style curry here before, but on this visit I went for a fried egg dish with tofu and sprouts  covered with peanut sauce. It tasted like Bali!

omeleteClare went for her usual and reliable choice of nasi campur, which is a great way to sample the dishes of a new restaurant.

nasi campurAnother way to compare restaurants to try another staple of menus, the lumpia (spring rolls). These were packed with tasty vegetables.IMG_20141002_134056Something on the menu that we had not seen before, and sounding like it was worth a try, was Balinese wine, red or white. We decided to try the white as the staff member said it was sweeter. It is not arak, as that was also on the menu. Very lemony taste, and for 15,000 rp was a great alternative to more expensive cocktails.



Frozen Yogi Ubud Review

cups of youghurt

cups of yoghurt

The Frozen Yogi desert café is located opposite the soccer field in central Ubud, at the end of Jl Dewi Sita. You cannot miss it as it is bright and happy. The only thing on the menu is self-serve frozen yoghurt. It is clean and friendly, colorful and cute decor.

There is a huge variety of toppings to choose from, and over 40 toppings. Six flavours which change regularly. You can sample them if you are not sure which ones to choose. When we went there was chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, red velvet. You can choose all 6 if you want, but remember you pay by weight. We are very cautious when it comes to these things, and we still paid more than we expected. At $4 a tub it is quite expensive for Bali standards.

machines for dispensing the yogurt

machines for dispensing the yogurt


Kagemusha Japanese Restaurant Review

Kagemusha Japanese RestaurantThe Kagemusha Japanese restaurant is just down the road from where we are staying, and now that we have finally tried the food there, we will be coming back again. The restaurant is quietly hidden off the busy Nyuh Kuning main road near Ubud, overlooking some lush greenery.

There is a selection of books to read, but all in Japanese. This must be a place that Japanese come to eat, a good sign. The only other group to come in while we were eating we Japanese.

IMG_20141002_172249The menu was extensive, though our kids were disappointed there were no sushi dishes. There was a similar dish, rice balls wrapped with some flakes in the middle. These were pretty plain and very hard to eat!

IMG_20141002_174045The terriaki chicken was a good alternative to the sushi for Olive.

IMG_20141002_174921There was another dish that worked very well for the kids, fried rice wrapped in an omelette. It was covered in tomato sauce, not sure about that.

IMG_20141002_173948Clare went for a fried eggplant starter which was very tasty, then salty salmon, which true to its name was very salty.

IMG_20141002_173454Rob’s choice was terriaki don, the terriaki chicken on rice. It was very filling.

IMG_20141002_174913If you are after a Japanese food fix this place is recommended, and very reasonably priced too.

Ubud Inn Review

The restaurant at the Ubud Inn is located at the southern end of Monkey Forest Rd. Not long after we first arrived in Ubud I came here and had an eggplant dish that was not memorable, except just to remember not to come here again. It is one of the closer places to my workplace so I decided to try it again after 6 months.

My first reading of the menu only came up with the same eggplant dish as being enticing, until I noticed the steak section of the menu (I am not usually a steak fan), and decided to go with the ginger fish, which was a tuna steak. The dish came out on a sizzling plate, great as I love to eat my food hot. The steak was a very good size, but instead of the rice I expected it to come with there were chips. Also going with the western theme there was a side of carrots and beans. A typical steak and chips! It was great, a subtle ginger flavour.

I had nearly finished my order when I realised they have a decent coffee machine making espressos. It was a real coffee (by Perth standards) but made very watery and made with UHT milk, so only tasted average.

So far I have had a 50% success rate here, I may come back one day and try something else on the menu. If you sit out the back overlooking their relaxing fountain and pond, listening to Balinese tunes, it is a very relaxing place to eat. If you have the energy, walking another 5 minutes up Monkey Forest Rd towards the markets, you will come across some better choices in the same price range.