Maha Ubud Review

The Maha Restaurant in Ubud is located just a short walk from the entrance to the monkey forest. There is regular inside eating area, then out the back you will find a rare grassy area.

The garden area is a great attraction here, room for the kids to run around (and unfortunately disturb the other patrons).

There is a large selection on the menu.

We ordered potato skins, which were different than expected. Filled with monced meat and topped with guacamole and tomato.

Clare also ordered a Roast veggie salad. Unfortunately we did not take a photo as it looked pretty good, and tasted like it looked.

The Hawaiian pizza that we ordered for the kids looked undercooked, but the base was cooked well and there was a very nice tomato sauce base. They ate it up so it must have been good.

Cheese and chicken quesedilia.

Char kwai teow was was helped with the addition of the chili soy sauce that accompanied the dish.

The food was very good, but not only that it is a great to relax on the garden.

Of you have children, they will love chasing the resident rabbits around.

Ba Nani Restaurant Review Ubud

Ba Nani is one of our favourite little Warong’s on Monkey Forest Road. It is close to our working place so we have been there for lunch a few times. The bright green decor is a beacon for good cheap food.

The ice coffee, at only 8000rp, was not surprisingly made from Bali coffee, though it was large and cold and just what I needed. As I sat down I was surprised with a plate of crackers, something I have not noticed before. I always like freebees.

I ordered lumpia for a starter (this is getting repetitive). At least I can compare restaurants by their lumpia servings. If I had to base my review of Ba Nani on their spring rolls, they would not go so well. The dipping sauce was excellent, as was the amount and taste of the filling, but they did not cook the pre-frozen rolls for long enough so the inside was still cold. For my second roll I left it for a bit longer and the outside heat had filtered through to the middle by then and it was OK to eat.

For my main I ordered their special for the day, chicken basil. The serving was big, I actually started to feel full by the end of it. There was a creamy coconut sauce.

Torro Sushi Ubud Review

torro sushi

We have had takeaway from Torro Sushi before, but today was the first time I had eaten in the restaurant. They are located along Jalan Goutama, my favourite eating street in Ubud, Bali.

torro sushi

sushi selection

The sushi was quite dry, the rice had a little crunch to it, not moist as I was expecting. The Terriaki chicken dish was small, though the chicken was not too fatty and sauce as sweet and tasty.

torro sushi

terriaki chicken

The food is reasonably priced, not cheap. I would pay about the same for sushi back home in Australia. The staff seemed friendly enough, but looked pretty bored with the restaurant empty except for us. I have seen the place busy in the evenings when I have passed at other times.

torro sushi

The whole experience was unfortunately ruined when the staff tried to overcharge me. I had noticed that they were struggling to get the right change, so when they handed me my change with no comment, I was not surprised to see that it was short. They seemed surprised -“Oh, you want the right change?”. Yes, or at least tell me you did not have any small notes, and try and work it out. Of course they found the right notes when they tried harder.

Warung Agung Trisna, Ubud review

The sign at the restaurant says Lawar Bali, but the menu and the sign on the street calls this restaurant Agung Trisna, the same as the bungalows behind it. This is one of many located along Monkey Forest Road that you need to look between the shops down narrow laneways to find. I don’t think this place would ever get busy, it would mostly service the people staying in their bungalows. But if you did happen across this place, you will find it a quiet break from the busy road out front.

It was such a hot day we all needed a drink, and our choices were appropriate for the conditions.

Clare had a fresh coconut, brought out with ice to cool it down and lemon to add a squeeze. It was very fresh and new, so the flesh inside was very soft and easy to scrape off. Along the same theme, Rob went with an iced coffee.

Casper had a watermelon juice, another good choice for this hot day. I don’t know if they were short of watermelon today, as it seemed like mostly water, but it was refreshing nonetheless.

There was an extensive menu as is often found in similar restaurants.

The Lemon Chicken.

Club sandwich

Cheese and tomato jaffle

This is one of the cheaper options if you are out shopping along Jalan Monkey Forest. It is nice and quiet, and also included some (old) magazines and books to read if your on your own.

China Moon Ubud Review

The China Moon Cafe is located on a busy corner, opposite Coco’s supermarket at the beginning of monkey forest road. Despite this, they have made a cosy corner that seems miles away from what lies outside.

There is a good range of interesting Indonesian and western dishes, in a menu full of pictures so you know what you are going to get. It includes a sightly Japanese style section as well as desserts, and some healthy drink options.

We decided to go with a starter of Fried Squid Balls (Cumi-Cumi Balls). These were very different flavour mix of salt, chili, cinnamon and light batter, with a slightly chewy texture, they were very enjoyable.

Rob’s Pepe’s Ikan was filled with flavoursome pieces of fish, with just the right amount of spice, with a nice chili sambal on the green beans.

Clare went for a dish called traffic sate, which is fish satay, with glass noodles. The skewered fish was slightly dry and missing a satay sauce which I was expecting, but the noodles were very tasty.

The Moon Cafe is a nice lunch stop if you can switch off from the traffic noise and tune into the funky tunes that are playing in the background.

Erik’s Cafe Seaside

I stumbled across this cafe on Broadway in Seaside California, looking for a small cafe for a morning coffee. There doesn’t seem to be anything like what I was looking for in this area, so Erik’s will do.

There was no coffee on the menu, and that is because there is only one type, make it yourself. I decided to drink in, so I was given a mug and directed to the self serve counter. The choice was hot water, decaffeinated and dark roast, in a pump action flask.

For $ 1.83, it was not a bad coffee, as good as a filter coffee if I had just gone home instead. But then I would not have done this review, my first in the states.

I did not have any food, though the large selection of sandwiches looked good on the pictures.


Room 4 Dessert Ubud Review

Room 4 DessertRoom 4 Dessert in Ubud is a fabulous transformed warehouse type set up, with cosy bench tables, and seats at the bar so you can watch the staff prepare the food in front of you. A great experience to see the effort that goes into the preparation of the dessert, which is only the half of it I am sure!

There is an amazing selection of desserts, although there are only nine to choose from, they all sound very appealing. Aside from the choice of any single dessert you like, for those who can’t decide, you can order a selection of any 3 choices, or even the whole menu if you are a large group to share it among, or if your feeling indulgent for the works. Our choice was to try 3 and share them between the two of us.


We tried the Chocobubbles, which is described as chocolate mousse with mum’s cookies! This was our absolute favourite with such diverse texture of smooth mousse around the crunchy cookies, and the flavour was amazing. Next was The Sugar Refinery which was different to the description on the menu. The palm sugar meringue was so spectacularly different, plated with all the other sweet textures, beside the tangy mangosteen ice. Last choice was Baba o rhiley, chosen somewhat by name (the author’s maiden name is Reilly!?), consisted of rum soaked brioche, snakefruit ice and cashew nutella, a slightly different and not too sweet dessert, with the lovely combination of nutella and rum brioche. MmmMm. The only problem with all of them, was there could have been more.

The menu changes 2-3 times per year, so you can keep coming back till you’ve tried them all, then there will probably be a whole new menu to select from!

You can get a local Indonesian dish for a main if you want but the dessert is what you come here for. There is a pretty groovy cocktail list as well.

Where? It is located along Jl. Raya Sanggingan (Next to Nuri’s)

DIAN restaurant review

Dian restaurant is located on Jalan Monkey Forest in Ubud. Plenty of room and tables, and reasonably quiet except for the building noise going on nearby (which is a given anywhere in Ubud).

Staff were very friendly and were happy for me to order a coffee and sit to do some work, with no pressure for ordering. The coffee was OK, not fantastic, but at least a cappuccino/expresso style.

In the end I ordered some lunch. I went for the sirloin streak with sprouts and onion, rice and an Asian style marinade.

The meal looked impressive brought out on a sizzling hot plate, the sauce tasted great, but the steak itself was nothing to get excited about. I’m glad I asked for medium, as it came out well done and still cooking! It also looked like someone has severed the middle of it before serving it to me! Not bad for the price I guess.

CarameL Patisserie & Cafe Ubud Review

desert bar

We came to the CarameL Patisserie & Cafe after a meal at a restaurant elsewhere just for dessert. It is at the top end of Jalan Hanoman, and is a tiny but bright shop front, with an upstairs section which expands on the two bar stools down stairs. The display of desserts looks amazing, you can choose, and they deliver to your table.


We can never go past a good-looking chocolate dessert, so for us it was the Triple Chocolate Cake, consisting of layers of decadent cake, dark jelly, ganache and shiny icing. Mouthfuls of deliciousness were had!


The other choice was a Chocolate Dome, which was mousse, salted caramel and a biscuit base with a ganache covering. So amazingly light, but rich and smooth, having an absolutely stunning mouth-feel.

dome cake

For drinks we chose sangria, which was the best I’ve ever tasted, because it had a super spicy, zesty flavour with a licorice/aniseed taste. Delicious sweet fruit bobbed around the ice, with some sort of frozen spicy gelato. Amazing! I would go there again just to drink this sangria.

drink it up

The Spicy Tea was interesting at least, a lovely sup of hot tea, but not as spicy as claimed!

bali tea

Other desserts that missed the opportunity to be devoured by us was a citrus or passion-fruit tart, cheesecake, macaroons, tirimasu, red velvet cake and traditional Balinese layered cake among other things.  We will have to come back for some of those!


Topeng Cafe Review

house of puppetsTopeng Cafe is the small café at the Setia Darma House of Mask and Puppets just a few kms from Ubud in Bali.

After you have checked out the mask museum which is highly recommended, you can stop for a coffee, cold drink or snack in this peaceful café overlooking the museum gardens.

good one clare

The coffee was decent. For some reason the barista used a hand-held milk frother instead of the one attached to the large coffee machine. Olive had a hot chocolate. There was also a selection of cold drinks and a few snack items you could buy.

olive and a hot chocolate