Warung Agung Trisna, Ubud review

The sign at the restaurant says Lawar Bali, but the menu and the sign on the street calls this restaurant Agung Trisna, the same as the bungalows behind it. This is one of many located along Monkey Forest Road that you need to look between the shops down narrow laneways to find. I don’t think this place would ever get busy, it would mostly service the people staying in their bungalows. But if you did happen across this place, you will find it a quiet break from the busy road out front.

It was such a hot day we all neededĀ a drink, and our choices were appropriate for the conditions.

Clare had a fresh coconut, brought out with ice to cool it down and lemon to add a squeeze. It was very fresh and new, so the flesh inside was very soft and easy to scrape off. Along the same theme, Rob went with an iced coffee.

Casper had a watermelon juice, another good choice for thisĀ hot day. I don’t know if they were short of watermelon today, as it seemed like mostly water, but it was refreshing nonetheless.

There was an extensive menu as is often found in similar restaurants.

The Lemon Chicken.

Club sandwich

Cheese and tomato jaffle

This is one of the cheaper options if you are out shopping along Jalan Monkey Forest. It is nice and quiet, and also included some (old) magazines and books to read if your on your own.

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