Ba Nani Restaurant Review Ubud

Ba Nani is one of our favourite little Warong’s on Monkey Forest Road. It is close to our working place so we have been there for lunch a few times. The bright green decor is a beacon for good cheap food.

The ice coffee, at only 8000rp, was not surprisingly made from Bali coffee, though it was large and cold and just what I needed. As I sat down I was surprised with a plate of crackers, something I have not noticed before. I always like freebees.

I ordered lumpia for a starter (this is getting repetitive). At least I can compare restaurants by their lumpia servings. If I had to base my review of Ba Nani on their spring rolls, they would not go so well. The dipping sauce was excellent, as was the amount and taste of the filling, but they did not cook the pre-frozen rolls for long enough so the inside was still cold. For my second roll I left it for a bit longer and the outside heat had filtered through to the middle by then and it was OK to eat.

For my main I ordered their special for the day, chicken basil. The serving was big, I actually started to feel full by the end of it. There was a creamy coconut sauce.

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