Maha Ubud Review

The Maha Restaurant in Ubud is located just a short walk from the entrance to the monkey forest. There is regular inside eating area, then out the back you will find a rare grassy area.

The garden area is a great attraction here, room for the kids to run around (and unfortunately disturb the other patrons).

There is a large selection on the menu.

We ordered potato skins, which were different than expected. Filled with monced meat and topped with guacamole and tomato.

Clare also ordered a Roast veggie salad. Unfortunately we did not take a photo as it looked pretty good, and tasted like it looked.

The Hawaiian pizza that we ordered for the kids looked undercooked, but the base was cooked well and there was a very nice tomato sauce base. They ate it up so it must have been good.

Cheese and chicken quesedilia.

Char kwai teow was was helped with the addition of the chili soy sauce that accompanied the dish.

The food was very good, but not only that it is a great to relax on the garden.

Of you have children, they will love chasing the resident rabbits around.

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