Kué in Ubud Review

I’m sitting in Kué on a wet season day waiting for the rain to stop. This seemed like a good place to hole up with a hot coffee. There is a cosy restaurant area above the bakery shop, which opens downstairs onto the street front.

I ordered a cafe latte. There was a lot of froth for a latte, though when I paid they called it a cappuccino so that may explain it. A nice touch was the complementary crunchy (very) fennel biscuits.

We are regulars to Kué, frequently buying our usual fresh bread orders. Their rustic baguette is the best in Ubud (according to bread expert Rob). It is a very heavy hearty style, which is not actually baguette style, but good all the same. 

The bakery is also a great source of many other bread items, muffins, cakes and biscuits. They also have an appealing range of petite chocolates, they are very small at a mouthful each, but they look gorgeous with a price to match.

They do a range of different birthday cakes, and we ordered both the boy’s cakes from here expecting the same quality that they have in store. However, both cakes were a little disappointing, not being very fresh, the sponge was a little dry and the icing really thick and sickly sweet. They do a ‘sugar free’ cake based on beetroot and dates, which is very moist and tasty, and probably the best choice, even though it contains plenty of natural sugars! There are better places to find custom made cakes in Ubud. 

All in all Kue is a great place for a coffee, cake or any quality style western bread product. They do it well for Bali. 

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