The Pirate’s Bay

This restaurant in Nusa Dua, could be called a playground as well. Right on the beach front nestled among the 5-star resorts, is a life-size pirate ship for little ones to play on. There are also swings, climbing apparatus, tight rope walks, and other organised activities. We didn’t see any the day we went possibly because there was a kid’s birthday party on, which seems like a good location for one!

Pirates Bay
one of the tree houses at Pirate’s Bay Nusa Dua

There are many tables and shelters to sit at, as well as several tree-house spots to have your drinks or lunch. These are pretty groovy as you are quite high off the ground, some are two-storeys, however it is a little inconvenient having to climb up and down each time the kids want to go off to play! So we chose a low level shelter.  It costs 50,000 IDR entry unless you buy drinks or lunch when you are there.

We all ordered the Pirate burgers with chips plus one club sandwich. The club sandwich was very good, but the burgers all came out raw in the middle. After sending them back to cook them properly, they tasted quite good with a good quality meat pattie which is sometimes hard to find in Bali. The accompanying chips were also pretty good. One of our burgers was ordered with a rendang sauce (for 70c extra) which was a nice Asian touch to a western meal. Food is reasonably priced but not cheap. This is compared to the fancy places next door. The beer though was more expensive than elsewhere.

You can head off to swim in the mellow waters of the bay in front of the place at any time, which we did or to visit the two islands (dua nusa) which have small temples and statues. After which you have access to toilet and shower facilities for a rinse off.

It was a pretty good day out, in that you can relax, eat, swim, drink, rest and take all day to do it! The kids loved it because there was sand and a pirate ship! What more do you need. The only downside is there is no pool, which would have been an added bonus, as it was quite a hot environment unless you’re in the ocean.


This place is not easy to find. We followed our google maps, and made it there with a few wrong turns at the end. Head to the Theatre or The Bay Hotel, and it is on the beach near there.

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