Clear Cafe, Ubud (closed)

Clare at Clear Cafe Ubud

Clear Cafe is no more. In November 2014 the Clear Cafe spectacularly burnt down, completely. The two storey restaurant was made mostly of bamboo, to fit with its natural earthy vibe. There was a lovely entrance with a giant fish pond in the middle before the stairs to the second floor.Thankfully no-one was hurt (except the fish), though in the aftermath it seems like many people were affected and very saddened by the demise of this Ubud yoga community institution

We sat upstairs and had to put up with a weird constant vibration. We should have moved, but for some reason stayed where we were. It probably was an indication of the building’s flimsy stability – I would not want to be caught upstairs in an emergency.

There was a very groovy and fairly extensive menu, all our meals were very good. They also had a long list of health drinks and tonics, for those having done a yoga class!

The blackened tuna with mashed potato, was great. A decent serving size, with a nice salad on the side.

Clear Cafe Ubud

The other main meal was a tuna salad with some fancy description, but it was delicious. Very tender tuna slices with a crunchy and quite different salad, with a fabulous tasty dressing. A great choice.

Clear Cafe Ubud

We ordered a side of sweet potato chips which was tiny and very average. For the price of a main meal at many other restaurants we expected a bit more than this (we had eaten a few before this photo was taken, but there were not many more than that), and served with tomato sauce – a bit pedestrian.

Clear Cafe Ubud

The meals were very nice (except the chips) and reasonably priced. The place had a nice vibe to it, probably because it was for the yoga crowd. We only had the chance to visit once. Maybe it will be rebuilt, hopefully better. Stay tuned.

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