Munchies Warung Ubud Review

This place is on the corner of Jalan Raya Ubud, and the street that we stayed on 3 years ago. Just west of town. We chose it today sa there was a large cremation ceremony of a member of the Balinese Royal family. So it was a sight to see the procession as it made its way along the street to the site of the burning.

I am not sure what the theme is supposed to be, its called Munchies and the sign is a rainbow coloured surfboard.

For drinks we had a Sangria, made from rice wine and fruit juices. The taste was very sweet, and rather palatable. With no power due to the parade there were no mixed juices, so Clare had a diet soft drink.

Rob’s standard Lumpia, were good, nothing fabulous, but tasty. Rob’s main meal was ¬†steamed minced chicken with spices, sambal matah with rice. A very tasty dish

The beef Randang was average. The meat was tender but there was not enough depth of flavour in the sauce and there was not enough sauce. It was served with sayer urab, the vegetable and coconut


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