Sjaki-Tari-Us in Ubud Review

Sjaki-Tati-Us UbudSjaki-Tari-Us is hidden in the corner of the Ubud soccer field, just along from Tutmak, and the CP Lounge. There is a nice relaxed feel about this rather basic warung, but it has a great view overlooking the soccer field in town.

Sjaki-Tati-Us UbudThe food is not that great, they serve basic Indonesian meals, and some western dishes like sandwiches with a Balinese twist. We feel it is still worthwhile eating here as it supports an education program for mentally disabled children. Next to it there is a small shop selling goods made by the students at the centre.

We had chicken vegetable curry…

Sjaki-Tati-Us Ubudand babi kecap which was a bit soupy …

Sjaki-Tati-Us Ubud

Just next to the eating area there is a large open space which is the school’s activity area where the kids can play, including balls (sometimes) The little ones can also run about on the footy field, while you wait for your food.

Sjaki-Tati-Us Ubud


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