Hotel Komune Beach Club, Keramas

Hotel Komune's Beach ClubHotel Komune’s Beach Club provides a Bali experience like no other. The heart of the place is the sensational pool, surrounded in a semi-circle of day beds. You have to get there early or you will miss out as we did, and had to wait for a space to become available. Once you settle in though it’s all luxury. You can swim, order food, drink beers, whatever you like, and for as long as you like.

There is no entry fee (as there is at some other beach side restaurants), however you are not allowed to bring in food or drinks from outside, and there is really nowhere else to go to eat or drink, as it is a fairly isolated spot! So you must eat and drink here.

There is a restaurant you can go to if you want to eat at a table, which has a different menu to the day-beds around the pool which provides mostly bar snack options. We ate at the restaurant – while we were waiting for a day-bed – and the food was top quality. We also enjoyed a beer or two when we were back at the pool!

The roast vegetable salad with feta was delicious, and the dressing to die for.

Hotel Komune's Beach Club

A great quality burger with the best crinkle cut chips I have eaten on the island.

Hotel Komune's Beach ClubEven the toasted ham and cheese sandwich was served with really nice bread and good quality cheese, none of the plastic rubbish you can often get. Hotel Komune's Beach Club…and more chips served with gravy! Yumm.

Hotel Komune's Beach ClubThe Keramas surf break is apparently one of the best on the island, and is a popular spot for surfers and group surfing trips. The beach creates a stunning backdrop for drinks, food, swimming and fun. Even though the surf was rough, the kids still enjoyed playing in the black sand. There is also a large grassy area on the other side of the restaurant, which on the day we were there, had a giant blow-up jumpy castle set up for a kids party! A great space. This was a great day out!

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