Seasoning a Wok: Monthly Cooking Tip

Seasoning a WokIf you buy a new uncoated steel or iron wok (not a teflon or other coated wok), you may be told that it needs to be seasoned first. They do not mean season as in adding seasoning to your dishes. Seasoning a wok helps to prevent food from sticking and rust from setting in. A seasoned wok will be black in color.

First wash and dry the wok thoroughly. To season your wok coat the cooking surface with cooking oil.  You don’t need to use your best oil as it will only go to waste.  If you need to, spread the oil with a brush or piece of paper towel to cover the whole surface. Place the wok on the stove, turn the heat to high and cook for 10 -15 minutes.  Do not leave unattended. Remove wok from the burner and let it cool. Repeat the process, re-oiling and reheating the wok.  Your wok should now be ready to use. In time and with frequent use the entire wok will turn black.