Warung Saya, Ubud

Warung Saya

Warung Saya on Jl Goutama in Ubud is one of our favourite places to eat. It is tiny and exclusive little venue nestled between a villa (and currently a construction site). There are only two tables, possibly three, but only if it’s not raining. It is highly recommend that you book, as this place is booked up for at least a week in advance. It is that good.

The menu varies each night, having different choices each day of the week, but only limited choices. There are only three options each night, one Indonesian, one Indian and one Thai choice. Sometimes one of these is a vegetarian choice but not every night. Of all the meals we have had (2 choices on two different nights), they have been excellent quality meals.Warung Saya

Unfortunately we only have one picture of the dishes, which does not give justice to the place. Pictured is Badal Jaam (Indian) eggplant with tomato, creamy yoghurt, a huge entrée size meal. This had amazing depth of flavour being an Indian style curry.

On this night on the menu was Ayam Kecap (Indonesian) – chicken with soybean sauce, and Gaeag Gari Chicken (Thai) – coconut chicken curry with basil.

The chef is a highly charismatic fellow, with a very relaxed attitude. He cooks for the love of it, and loves what he does. He runs the whole show on his own, as he wants the quality of the food and service to be of his very high standard. Not sure how long he will be in the same location as last time we dined there (November 2014) he was talking about moving to a new place. You will not be disappointed with any meal here!

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