Warung Pojok, Nyuh Kuning, Bali

Warung Pojok is a small restaurant in the centre of the village of Nyuh Kuning, opposite the football field. It is our favourite local restaurant.

Warung PojokWe go regularly to this restaurant, so have tried most of the items on the menu. Takeaway is also an option if you need it.

Most times (for Rob) the meal starts with a serving of lumpia (spring rolls). Their satay peanut sauce is one of the best in Ubud, nice and thick.

Warung Pojok

The special fried rice which comes with a fried egg and sate ayam (chicken on a stick) is a favourite with the kids, as long as we can communicate that we don’t want it spicy! They know us well enough now, to know what we want!

Warung Pojok

This dish does not look very appetising at all, but it is actually quite delicious. It is fried egg/omelette with vegetables and tofu, and satay sauce on top.

Warung Pojok

Not sure what this meal is, maybe chicken with a balinese sauce. The tower of rice is symbolic though, with the uppermost part being reserved for the oldest member of the family!

Warung Pojok

Other meals we regularly order are: Mie goreng (fried noodles), cap cay (stir fried vegetables), fried rice with cap cay on top (Clare’s favourite), satay chicken, fried chicken.

Whatever you choose, it is the best value in the village at around $2-3 per meal. The food is always fresh and tasty. I would not make a special trip to Nyuh Kuning to eat here, but if you are staying nearby it is definitely worth coming for a meal or two.

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