Cafe Teras Lempuna, Bedugul Bali

The Cafe Teras Lempuna (Teras means terrace). A lovely English garden that could only be located in the cooler climes of the hills of Bali. Near lake Batur.

Café Teras, Bedugul

Rob was very excited to see onkonimyaki on the menu, his favourite Japanese dish, and it was a very good one too by western standards.

Café Teras, BedugulA club sandwich, the usual quality, presented nicely.

Café Teras, Bedugul

It was soup weather, but the spicy tomato soup really wasn’t spicy at all, which was rather disappointing! It was also tea weather, so I indulged in a pot.

Café Teras, Bedugul

The cafe must attract many Japanese tourists as there was also katsu don on the menu, which is a fried meat and egg style omlette with a sweet soy sauce on top of rice.

Café Teras, BedugulThis is a good place to stop for lunch if travelling to or through Bedugul, in the north of Bali. You don’t get the lake view that many of the other lunch stops may have but the quality I think would be better here, plus it has some western choices.

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