Trattoria Ubud Review

Trattoria Pizza Restuarant Nyuh KuningTrattoria is an Italian restaurant chain that has 16 branches mostly in South East Asia. They must be doing something right to have so many successful stores. Lucky for us, one is just down the road from our house.

On arrival you will be served bruschetta and 3 different types of bread, all complimentary! Got to love some free food!

The  menu has a large selection of good pizza options. The pizza are a traditional Italian style with a thin base, but large enough to still be filling. They do some extra-large (some may say giant in fact) pizzas with half and half, if you can get the right match these are a winner.

Two in one

Trattoria Pizza Restuarant Nyuh KuningThe baked eggplant Parmigiana stack, was super tasty but a little oily, and very filling. It was best shared as a side with some pizza.

Trattoria Pizza Restuarant Nyuh KuningOf course they do pasta too, which is very authentic and tasty.

Trattoria Pizza Restuarant Nyuh KuningWe also had breakfast here one day, but it was unfortunately not very good. They served the overcooked eggs with thin white loaf bread, that just crumbled on the plate.

Trattoria Pizza Restuarant Nyuh KuningAn omelette

Trattoria Pizza Restuarant Nyuh KuningIt is a fairly kid friendly place because, firstly most kids love pizza. But also because the plain brown paper place-mats are perfect drawing pads for the creative munchkins, not sure if that is the intention however it works for us! Buon Appetito.

Trattoria Pizza Restuarant Nyuh Kuning

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