9 Warung Review

9 Warung UbudLocated in Lodtunduh, on Jalan Lotonduh a couple of kms out of Ubud town. It is on the sharp corner just after you go through the big dip in the road. There is a good off-road parking spot just after you get round the corner. It is a very busy road so go slow and be sure to turn into the parking, or it’s hard to get back. Admittedly, we walked there from our villa while staying in Lodtunduh, which was rather convenient.

This place is ridiculously cheap, it is a vegetarian buffet (not sure its all you can eat though) more like a campur, where you cam try a little of everything available. It included some very interesting home style cooking food.

9 Warung Ubud

The staff are very friendly, and the decor (some of which is for sale) is very colourful and artistic. 

This is a must visit for vegetarians. If you like the food, you can also do cooking classes with the lady owner.

9 Warung Ubud


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