Chelsea Pizza Co. Review

Chelsea Pizza Co., Nedlands WA

Chelsea Pizza has been around since 1972, and is long established as a great feed. Otherwise it would not still be here. It is located on the busy Stirling Highway. They sell a few salads and pasta meals, but it is the pizza you should be coming for. They provide a good selection of pizzas, not just the usual standards. They have a pretty thin base, if that is how you like it (I prefer somewhere in between thick and thin). If you want to save a few dollars don’t eat in, prices are much greater to eat in the restaurant rather than takeaway. If the weather is fine, just buy takeaway and take the pizza out the front to the tables there.

Other Things You Should Know

  • licensed restaurant
  • open 364 days a year, 5pm till late
  • delivery available

Location & Contact

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