Naked for Satan Review

Naked for Satan, Fitzroy

Naked for Satan is a vodka bar serving pintxos, which are small snacks mostly served on a piece of bread, the Basque equivalent to tapas.  You can pick from a selection of pintxos at the bar or wait for some others that are brought around to the tables.They are only $1 each at lunch times during the week, which is unbeatable value. Two of us pigged out and only was $10 each. I love my bread, and there were enough choices to find something that was appealing. Not all of them were, but that is OK. There are even some sweet ones that you can save for the end. Even if you went at a time when they were $2 each, you would still get great value.

naked for satan

Other Things You Should Know

  • make sure you read up on the legend of Leon Satanovich after which the restaurant got its name.
  • open every day from 12 noon, and closing 12 midnight and at 1am on the weekends.

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