Mystery Box Challenge #1

Cardboard BoxWelcome to the first mystery box challenge. This challenge post is inspired by the Australian MasterChef TV program where they challenge the contestants to come up with a special dish using the ingredients in their mystery box. Another program on our TV which is also a favorite of ours is ‘Ready Steady Cook’, which also asks the guest chefs to create dishes from a small selection of ingredients brought along by the contestants.¬† If you are ready to take up the challenge, see the Rules and Conditions, and read the detials below.

The Challenge

What you have to do is come up with a special dish using the following core ingredients. You can use other¬† ingredients to supplement those in the box. We don’t expect you to actually make it (though you can try if you wish), just describe what you think you would do in a comment below. We will chose what we consider the best, and the winner will join our Mystery Chef Hall of Fame. Good luck.

Mystery Box #1

  • prawns
  • potatoes
  • cream

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