Cicerello’s Seafood Restaurant Review

Cicerello’s, Fremantle

The best fish and chips in Perth? This is what they claim, but there is nothing to confirm such assertions. It has been around since 1903, and it has a good location, and is popular (with tourists?), so it can do what it likes, including charging $2.80 for a dim sim. The food is average. The highlight of any visit is the aquarium – you can’t miss it. There are also some great fish tanks in the toilets. There are several other fish and chip places nearby which may be worth checking out if the food is your only reason for visiting here. The ice cream is also overpriced.

Other Things You Should Know

  • I am glad to see that it has joined the 21st century and now accepts credit cards.
  • On a fine day make sure you site outside

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