Ritouhuo (Yangshuo, China) Review

Ritouhuo Restaurant, Yangshuo China

Ritouhuo is a chain-like Chinese restaurant which attracted us as it was cheap, looked clean, with an English menu and images. It was not going to be as easy as we thought.

After some assistance from a friendly stranger who helped me not order pig intestines, I ordered 4 different dishes. One dish was the noodles that the girl next to us was eating, which tasted like char kway teo, some bbq pork and duck with rice which was really tasty, a tofu dish which came with a side of bok choy and rice, a large bamboo bowl with rice topped with Chinese sausage and bbq pork. All meals were served with seaweed soup. You can also order the local specialty, Guilin Rice Noodles.

We saw a group of guys at the table next to us drinking from red cans, which maybe be beer, or even bourbon and coke? It ended up being iced tea! It was nice anyway.

A day out in  Yangshuo, China

Overall a very good meal, but the service was interesting. After ordering, you pay, get a docket, take it to the food serving area, and demand and hassle the staff for your meal! This is quite a challenge when you can’t speak Chinese, because I am sure everyone got served before me. An interesting experience.

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