Regal on Roe Chinese Restaurant Review

Regal on Roe, Northbridge

We had heard that Regal on Roe was the best value dim sum in Perth, and we were looking to try somewhere new after the last time visiting Dragon Palace nearby in Northbridge.┬áVery good first impression, a welcoming feel and not too big. We were offered Chinese tea as we sat down. The service was excellent, friendly and English well spoken. There was plenty of food on offer, which you do not always get. We had arrived early for lunch, which may have helped as the place was not full. There were the usual dim sum options, we did not have a bad serve. The radish cakes were a bit bland, but that was about the only criticism. It was a good outing with the kids – they like plenty of the dim sum offerings, and the watermelon juice and jelly were great bonuses. They also enjoyed watching the live lobster in the tank. We can’t vouch for it being the best value dim sum in Perth, as we thought it was quite expensive. It may have just been that the food looked so good that we ordered more than we would normally.┬áNext time we may try the Chinese place next door. There are plenty of Chinese options in Northbridge we have yet to try.

Other Things You Should Know

  • open for dim sum lunch, banquet and dinner
  • BYO available

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