Laba Laba Restaurant Review

Warung Laba Laba is located along Jalan Hanuman in Ubud, toward Cocos supermarket. There is no msg used. Balinese dishes are their sspeciality. It was good to see separate sections for Indonesian food and Balinese food, as these are not the same and are often grouped together on menus. Watch the world go by, and sit at the front overlooking the busy Hanuman street. Very reasonable prices, 30 to 40,0000 Rp for mains.

Rob tried something from the Balinese section: Tuna Panggang Sambal Matah and his usual starter of Lumpia. They both tasted great. The sambal matah was not as spicy as I would like, but the menu did say to ask for more spicy of you like that, and I didn’t! So it’s my fault. The rice was light and fluffy, which is not always the case. The free glass of icy water was a nice touch too.

This place is worth a stop if you are walking past this way.

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