Ubud Inn Review

The restaurant at the Ubud Inn is located at the southern end of Monkey Forest Rd. Not long after we first arrived in Ubud I came here and had an eggplant dish that was not memorable, except just to remember not to come here again. It is one of the closer places to my workplace so I decided to try it again after 6 months.

My first reading of the menu only came up with the same eggplant dish as being enticing, until I noticed the steak section of the menu (I am not usually a steak fan), and decided to go with the ginger fish, which was a tuna steak. The dish came out on a sizzling plate, great as I love to eat my food hot. The steak was a very good size, but instead of the rice I expected it to come with there were chips. Also going with the western theme there was a side of carrots and beans. A typical steak and chips! It was great, a subtle ginger flavour.

I had nearly finished my order when I realised they have a decent coffee machine making espressos. It was a real coffee (by Perth standards) but made very watery and made with UHT milk, so only tasted average.

So far I have had a 50% success rate here, I may come back one day and try something else on the menu. If you sit out the back overlooking their relaxing fountain and pond, listening to Balinese tunes, it is a very relaxing place to eat. If you have the energy, walking another 5 minutes up Monkey Forest Rd towards the markets, you will come across some better choices in the same price range.

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