CarameL Patisserie & Cafe Ubud Review

desert bar

We came to the CarameL Patisserie & Cafe after a meal at a restaurant elsewhere just for dessert. It is at the top end of Jalan Hanoman, and is a tiny but bright shop front, with an upstairs section which expands on the two bar stools down stairs. The display of desserts looks amazing, you can choose, and they deliver to your table.


We can never go past a good-looking chocolate dessert, so for us it was the Triple Chocolate Cake, consisting of layers of decadent cake, dark jelly, ganache and shiny icing. Mouthfuls of deliciousness were had!


The other choice was a Chocolate Dome, which was mousse, salted caramel and a biscuit base with a ganache covering. So amazingly light, but rich and smooth, having an absolutely stunning mouth-feel.

dome cake

For drinks we chose sangria, which was the best I’ve ever tasted, because it had a super spicy, zesty flavour with a licorice/aniseed taste. Delicious sweet fruit bobbed around the ice, with some sort of frozen spicy gelato. Amazing! I would go there again just to drink this sangria.

drink it up

The Spicy Tea was interesting at least, a lovely sup of hot tea, but not as spicy as claimed!

bali tea

Other desserts that missed the opportunity to be devoured by us was a citrus or passion-fruit tart, cheesecake, macaroons, tirimasu, red velvet cake and traditional Balinese layered cake among other things.  We will have to come back for some of those!


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