DIAN restaurant review

Dian restaurant is located on Jalan Monkey Forest in Ubud. Plenty of room and tables, and reasonably quiet except for the building noise going on nearby (which is a given anywhere in Ubud).

Staff were very friendly and were happy for me to order a coffee and sit to do some work, with no pressure for ordering. The coffee was OK, not fantastic, but at least a cappuccino/expresso style.

In the end I ordered some lunch. I went for the sirloin streak with sprouts and onion, rice and an Asian style marinade.

The meal looked impressive brought out on a sizzling hot plate, the sauce tasted great, but the steak itself was nothing to get excited about. I’m glad I asked for medium, as it came out well done and still cooking!┬áIt also looked like someone has severed the middle of it before serving it to me! Not bad for the price I guess.

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