Room 4 Dessert Ubud Review

Room 4 DessertRoom 4 Dessert in Ubud is a fabulous transformed warehouse type set up, with cosy bench tables, and seats at the bar so you can watch the staff prepare the food in front of you. A great experience to see the effort that goes into the preparation of the dessert, which is only the half of it I am sure!

There is an amazing selection of desserts, although there are only nine to choose from, they all sound very appealing. Aside from the choice of any single dessert you like, for those who can’t decide, you can order a selection of any 3 choices, or even the whole menu if you are a large group to share it among, or if your feeling indulgent for the works. Our choice was to try 3 and share them between the two of us.


We tried the Chocobubbles, which is described as chocolate mousse with mum’s cookies! This was our absolute favourite with such diverse texture of smooth mousse around the crunchy cookies, and the flavour was amazing. Next was The Sugar Refinery which was different to the description on the menu. The palm sugar meringue was so spectacularly different, plated with all the other sweet textures, beside the tangy mangosteen ice. Last choice was Baba o rhiley, chosen somewhat by name (the author’s maiden name is Reilly!?), consisted of rum soaked brioche, snakefruit ice and cashew nutella, a slightly different and not too sweet dessert, with the lovely combination of nutella and rum brioche. MmmMm. The only problem with all of them, was there could have been more.

The menu changes 2-3 times per year, so you can keep coming back till you’ve tried them all, then there will probably be a whole new menu to select from!

You can get a local Indonesian dish for a main if you want but the dessert is what you come here for. There is a pretty groovy cocktail list as well.

Where? It is located along Jl. Raya Sanggingan (Next to Nuri’s)

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