Harvest, Kyoto Review

Harvest, Kyoto

An amazing buffet format restaurant in Kyoto station area that offers a large variety of Japanese food, with the aim of being healthy and natural using seasonal ingredients. A sign out the front says their philosophy is the “beauty comes from a healthy body”. And best of all it is all you can eat! We used the opportunity to sample a wide range of foods that we would not normally try, knowing that if we did not like it we could always try something else. There were a few surprises and overall a very good experience. It is not the cheapest place to eat, but worth a splurge if you want to try something different.

Other Things You Should Know

  • the restaurant is all you can eat buffet style
  • limit to 90 minutes per sitting

Location & Contact

  • address: among the other restaurant in the basement level of Porta, the Kyoto Station underground shopping center