Blue Star Cafe, Jemeluk Bay, Amed, Bali

Blue Star Cafe Jemeluk Amed BaliThe Blue Star Cafe and Bungalows, located along the shores of Jemeluk Bali in Amed, in the north-east of Bali. It is next door to Ombak Restaurant, sharing views over the bay. The restaurant is a step off the beach, and we took up half the place with my brother and his kids.

Blue Star Cafe Jemeluk Amed BaliWith 9 of us there, we tried a lot of different food. Starting with a mushroom bruschetta, which was a little like a pizza, having a sauce base, fresh tomato, champingons and melted cheese. The bread was more westernised than the usual sweet Asian style, and was very think sliced and filling.

Blue Star Cafe Jemeluk Amed Bali

The pizza was alright, personal sized, but a little heavy handed on the sauce. And only the cheese was melted, other ingredients were raw, including the onion.

Blue Star Cafe Jemeluk Amed Bali

The pasta marinara, was very tasty with a rich tomato sauce.

Blue Star Cafe Jemeluk Amed Bali

The chicken curry my brother ordered was very nice according to him, but he ordered it with potatoes instead of rice. Big mistake, as the potatoes were a creamy bake of some sort, so he had to order plain rice also, which just gave him more food than he could manage to eat!!

Blue Star Cafe Jemeluk Amed Bali

The sandwich was good, with nice bread as described above. All meals came with a small serve of pickled cucumber, carrot and pineapple. This was quite a refreshing addition to the meal.

Blue Star Cafe Jemeluk Amed Bali

The satay ikan lilit (minced fish with spices) was delicious. Best dish of the night. Tasty satay, served with my favourite urab vegetables (cooked with grated coconut). Blue Star Cafe Jemeluk Amed BaliNot a bad night at this restaurant, however certain aspects were a little disappointing. The service was not at all friendly, which is unusual for Bali. Although the location is idyllic!

Cafe Garam, Amed, Bali Review

Cafe Garam, Amed, BaliCafe Garam is in Hotel Uyah Amed Spa & Resort, Amed, Abang, Bali. As we were driving through Amed this seemed like a pleasant place to stop. Once we saw the grass, the pool table and table tennis table, we knew the kids would like it here.

It had been too many days without a good coffee, so we were very glad to see they made a nice espresso coffee here.

Cafe Garam, Amed, Bali

The food was of  very high quality, given the area it is in. There is not a lot of western or higher end options around Amed. The chicken wings were a good non-spicy option for the kids, with a lovely little salad on the side. 

Cafe Garam, Amed, Bali

They have a rather unusual interpretation of bruschetta here, with the description not matching the product. On saying that the taste of the trio was quite nice. One was fried mushroom, one was basil pesto (a little dry), the last The bread was not the typical sweet white Asian bread, which was nice for a change! 

Cafe Garam, Amed, Bali

A chicken and salad baguette, would have been great, if they hadn’t smothered it at both ends with mayonnaise. They seem to love mayo here in Bali, or they think that westerners love it??

Cafe Garam, Amed, BaliOverall this was a nice experience, where the kids could play while waiting. They also discovered a giant chess set which occupied them for some time too. The food overall was very good, but maybe a few minor adjustments.


Near the start of the Amed strip along the coast. Paired with a lovely resort with lots of grassy space and ocean views. 


Ombak Restaurant Jemuluk Bay

Warung Ombak is located at the end of Jemuluk Bay, next door to the blue star hotel, in the area of Amed in the north of Bali. It is a basic warung, but we were attracted to it’s view of the ocean, and it was just next door to where we were staying at Villa Coral.

Being by the sea, fish dishes seemed like a good idea. Rob started with fish cakes, then ikan pepes, fresh fish wrapped in banana leaf.

The kids were keen to try the chicken nuggets, even though we have had bad experiences with them recently. Thankfully they were not the processed type, but pieces of real chicken battered.

Clare went with an interesting soup, coconut and carrot, with a salad too. It was soup was not in a coconut cream base, but it actually had bits of coconut in the soup. It worked well.

Then there was grilled chicken and chips.

And some more fish. The only fish available was Mahi Mahi, as we found every day we were in this area.

It was a risk ordering pizza at an Indonesian Warung at the beach, but this wasn’t so bad. It was packed high with an unusual mix of ingredients. You would struggle to really call it a pizza.

We liked it!