9 Warung Review

9 Warung UbudLocated in Lodtunduh, on Jalan Lotonduh a couple of kms out of Ubud town. It is on the sharp corner just after you go through the big dip in the road. There is a good off-road parking spot just after you get round the corner. It is a very busy road so go slow and be sure to turn into the parking, or it’s hard to get back. Admittedly, we walked there from our villa while staying in Lodtunduh, which was rather convenient.

This place is ridiculously cheap, it is a vegetarian buffet (not sure its all you can eat though) more like a campur, where you cam try a little of everything available. It included some very interesting home style cooking food.

9 Warung Ubud

The staff are very friendly, and the decor (some of which is for sale) is very colourful and artistic. 

This is a must visit for vegetarians. If you like the food, you can also do cooking classes with the lady owner.

9 Warung Ubud


Alchemy Restaurant Review

Alchemy is a raw food vegan vegetarian restaurant in Penestanan Ubud. It is a popular place to go, though it has taken us 6 months to visit as the new age vibe of the place doesn’t really appeal.

Salad is the only thing on the lunch menu. There is a lot to choose from. You get to select greens, add four toppings and a dressing. You can pay for more. I went for zucchini posts, taco mix, raw pad Thai, Olives with a pesto dressing. It tasted quite good, which is saying something for a non salad eater like myself. I’ll still need to go elsewhere to buy something else to fill me up.

Bought a chipmonk drink for Casper, banana and chocolate with almond milk. I asked for regular milk for him as I wasn’t sure of the taste. They don’t do anything but almond milk. They have bamboo straws here too, but raw ones like their food.

The Frappachino also came with almond milk but you would not know it. Very nice

The main reason I came here was to check out the kids play area I had heard about. It was pretty good with a basket of Lego, a train set and a kitchen set, as good as you get anywhere else around Ubud.

I’ll come back here with Clare who will appreciate the salad, maybe for breakfast as I hear that is good too. No use bringing the kids, nothing suitable for them.